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living room with patterned carpet

Other Factors to Consider when Choosing your Carpet

Pile height
This describes the length of the fiber as measured from the backing to the tip of each yarn. It can be shown as a fraction of an inch or as a decimal. Keep in mind that while longer pile may appeal aesthetically, it is less durable over time than shorter pile. Select a lower pile for any high-traffic areas.

Stitch rate
This measure defines how close each fiber is to the others in a carpet. Look for seven-eight tufts/inch to ensure that the carpet is of good quality.

Face weight
Face weight is defined as the weight of the fiber measured in ounces per square yard. In this category, you want a face weight that runs about 35-45 ounces. Don’t assume that a thicker carpet is better.

This is a measure of how well the yarn is attached to the backing. A tighter stitch, or a higher density, means that the carpet will hold up better. The more a carpet’s backing is visible - a sign of low density - the less durable it is.

Check the twist in the yarn of any carpeting you’re considering. Carpeting with tighter twist will hold up better over time than one with a loose or frayed twist.

Be smart when you select your carpeting, and your purchase will look beautiful and warm your home for years to come.

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